Kesha Wins a Legal Battle Over Her Former Producer, Dr. Luke

But Her Career May Still Be TiK ToK, Over

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Glitter-adorned pop starlet Kesha has been out of the limelight for quite some time amid a wave of lawsuits between her and her former producer and ostensible PhD recipient, Dr. Luke.

Kesha sued the producer for sexual assault and battery in 2014, and Dr. Luke fired back by filing a lawsuit against the performer’s mom, Pebe Sebert and her manager, Jack Rovner.

The producer alleged that Kesha’s mom attempted to extort him and forced Kesha to break her contract with his label. His allegations failed to hold up in court, according to a New York judge, who ruled that there was no jurisdiction over Sebert in the Empire state.

Dr. Luke sued Kesha’s manager, Jack Rovner for trying to gain more money and control over her career—which seems par for the course to us. Apparently the judge thought so too, because the lawsuit against Kesha’s manager was thrown out on the grounds that it didn’t meet the standard of a tort, and Rovner was acting within his authority as a manager.

Kesha still won’t be making any more nauseating party anthems in the near future, as her contract with Dr. Luke’s company prevents her from recording elsewhere. She is scheduled to make another court appearance later this month to decide whether she can break contract and release music outside of the producer’s label for the first time.

Fingers crossed.

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