Kid Rock Is (Almost Certainly Not) Running for Senate

...unless Warner Bros. is on board with the Rock '18 bandwagon, too.

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Kid Rock Is (Almost Certainly Not) Running for Senate

Sorry to get your hopes up, or dash them for good, but Kid Rock’s tweet trickle on Tuesday about a “major announcement in the near future” and a corresponding new website called (link not included) probably means he is not running for United States Senate but rather preparing some of kind of music release that everyone who voted for Donald Trump will want to buy.

Okay, a Rock ‘18 run for the U.S. Senate seat in Michigan currently occupied by Democrat Debbie Stabenow makes an undeniable amount of sense: Kid is an ardent supporter, surrogate and friend of the newly elected American president; he won’t get hit with licensing fees or lawsuits when his own songs blare at rallies; and he already has posters made up that say “Pimp of the Nation” on them.

The thing is, when you go to (link not included) to buy your Kid Rock for Senate merch, you are directed to a Warner Bros. site—Warner Bros. being the record conglomerate that loves selling Kid Rock stuff but probably doesn’t want to get on the 2018 campaign trail with a guy selling actual T-shirts that say “KI ROCK: The ‘D’ Is Missing Because It’s In Every Hater’s Mouth.” (Although they will sell that shirt, too.)

Also, Kid Rock did tell everyone back in January that he had his sights set on a midyear release for his next album—in time, reported Billboard, for his September concerts opening the new Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. “Yeah, we’ll have a record … before the shows, yes,” Rock said then. And anyway, we’re pretty sure he lives in Nashville now.

One thing that is definitely clear is that (link not included) is, in fact, a real website, as Rock himself pointed out in response to a “ton of emails.” It is true: This is reality, and it is a website. It is not, as Fox News gleefully reported, confirmation of a run for U.S. Senate, despite the hats and bumper stickers.

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