King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Announce 2 Albums, Share New Song

Music News King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard announced both a studio album called K.G. and a new live record, LIVE IN S.F. ‘16, today, with both arriving on Nov. 20.

The band also shared “Automation,” the fourth single from K.G.. The song opens on a compelling drum loop and guitar blend that immediately catches listeners’ attentions. It’s an interesting balance of indie rock and creative instrumental choices.

K.G. was recorded remotely, as the band worked from home in Australia. King Gizzard’s simultaneous upcoming live album was recorded during their 2016 show at San Francisco’s The Independent. Both records are currently available for pre-order here.

Listen to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s new song “Automation” here. Keep scrolling to view both tracklists and cover arts for K.G. and LIVE IN S.F. ‘16.

K.G. Album Art:


K.G. Tracklist:

1. K.G.L.W.
2. Automation
3. Minimum Brain Size
4. Straws In The Wind
5. Some Of Us
6. Ontology
7. Intrasport
8. Oddlife
9. Honey
10. The Hungry Wolf Of Fate

LIVE IN S.F. ‘16 Album Art:


LIVE IN S.F. ‘16 Tracklistt:

1. Robot Stop (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
2. Hot Water (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
3. Big Fig Wasp (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
4. Gamma Knife (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
5. People-Vultures (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
6. Trapdoor (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
7. I’m In Your Mind (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
8. I’m Not In Your Mind (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
9. Cellophane (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
10. I’m In Your Mind Fuzz
(Live In San Francisco ‘16)
11. The River (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
12. Evil Death Roll (Live In San Francisco ‘16)
13. Head On/Pill (Live In San Francisco ‘16)