LCD Soundsystem to Release New Album and Tour This Year

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Okay, it’s old news now (kind of) that LCD Soundsystem has risen from the music grave and will be at Coachella, but now, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has confirmed that they have a new album coming out and that they will be touring not as a reunion, but as the real for true LCD Soundsystem. In a heartfelt blog posted to the LCD Soundsystem website, Murphy explained why the band is back together and how it came about.

Long story short, Murphy has a ton of music that he wants to release, but he wanted to do it with his friends. He had three options—release it solo, release it as LCD Soundsystem, or release it as some new band name. Because he wanted to have fellow LCD Soundsystem members Nancy Whang and Pat Mahoney play with him, he invited them over, had a conversation over coffee, and decided that LCD Soundsystem needed to return. He alluded that Al Doyle may join in as well (if he isn’t too busy with Hot Chip, of course).

There aren’t any set dates as of yet besides Coachella, but hopefully they’ll be out soon.

Welcome back,” LCD Soundsystem, we’ve missed you. Check out our 10 favorite songs by the band.

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