Leonard Cohen Died Monday, Was Buried Yesterday

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The world is actually mourning a little late; although news of Leonard Cohen’s death became public last night, the legendary songwriter actually died on Monday, as a Sony Music spokesperson told Billboard. Remarkably, the Cohen family was able to keep the news quiet and mourn privately for a few days.

Mr. Cohen was buried yesterday in a small, quiet ceremony in Montreal alongside other members of his family. His congregation, the Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, issued the following statement:

We still don’t have details about the cause of his death, though Mr. Cohen did warn us this was coming.

Last night, folks on Twitter glumly joked that Cohen had opted to pass gracefully rather than live through a Trump presidency. It’s nice to think, now, that he may have died oblivious to that coming horror. Rest in peace, sir, and may your music be an inspiration to us through the dark times ahead.

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