Lizzo Takes a Page From Beyoncé’s Book in “Good As Hell” Marching Band Video

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Lizzo Takes a Page From Beyoncé’s Book in “Good As Hell” Marching Band Video

More than three years after it was released as the lead single from her 2016 Coconut Oil EP, Lizzo’s recently reemerged positivity anthem “Good As Hell” is getting the video treatment. The official music video premiered Monday morning and features Louisiana Southern University’s marching band and color guard.

Lizzo brings a little sparkle to the Baton Rouge HBCU’s band rehearsal room as students dance around campus before taking the party on the road with a bag of Cheetos in tow. The video was shot during Southern University’s 2019 Homecoming Week and eventually shows snippets of a halftime performance. The outro features Lizzo tinkering with a piccolo and making friends with students.

The video recalls Beyoncé’s Homecoming special for Netflix, which stitched clips from games and pep rallys at HBCUs around the country with footage from her iconic 2018 Coachella performance, aka “Beychella.” Her now-legendary twin sets—one for each weekend of the California festival—featured Bey and dozens of dancers and performers decked out in symbolic marching band garb.

Lizzo’s take on the topic is more specific since she singles out one school. The whole visual is an energetic delight including all of Lizzo’s trademarks: twerking, flute (or, in this case, piccolo), and smiles all around. “Good As Hell” was a career turning point for the singer back in 2016, and we named it one of the best songs of the 2010s.

Watch Lizzo’s new “Good As Hell” video below. While you’re at it, watch the rapper/flautist extraordinaire perform “My Skin” in 2016 at the Daytrotter venue in Davenport, Iowa, via the Paste vault.

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