Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Forthcoming Rock Doc Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury

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Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Forthcoming Rock Doc Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury

A new documentary is being released detailing the story of the ‘90s indie-rock band out of Toccoa, Ga., Luxury, and their incredible musical journey. The band formed together in the early ‘90s under the name The Shroud at Toccoa Falls College, changing their name to Luxury before signing to Tooth & Nail Records in 1995. Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury follows the band through their rise in the music industry, documenting a horrific car accident that left most of the band member’s in the hospital. Luxury came back a year later in support of their second album The Latest & The Greatest, but found it difficult promoting their band under the direction of Tooth & Nail. The band opted to release their self-titled third album through Bullet Proof Records in ’99, breaking up soon after that.

After a six-year hiatus, the band returned with its original members, Lee and Jamey Bozeman, Glenn Black, Chris Foley and Matt Hinton, to record 2005’s Health And Sport, with the support of Northern Records. In 2015, the band’s guitarist, Hinton, started a Kickstarter campaign for the documentary, to feature archival footage and interviews with the band members, promoting it as “a film 20 years in the making.” The crowdfunding campaign received waves of support, surpassing its goal of $40,000 with funding from over 400 backers.

Now, as the Hinton-directed documentary sets to release later this year, the band returns once more to tell their story. The film’s overarching tones of religion and faith come mostly from three of the five band members (Foley, Bozeman and Bozeman), who currently serve as ordained Eastern Orthodox priests. The theme of spirituality is juxtaposed with the eccentricity of the band and amplified by their career-altering car crash, which served as a catalyst for the band members to change. Featured in the documentary as well is Paste’s Editor-in-Chief and co-founder, Josh Jackson, who recounts his own personal experience with the band and the influence they’ve had on the indie-rock scene.

In preparation for the forthcoming documentary on these unsung heroes of indie-rock music, Paste has been given the exclusive first look at the official trailer, presented by Awake Productions. You can watch the trailer below and stream Luxury’s Trophies via Bandcamp here ahead of its official release, expected alongside the documentary’s. Find the poster for Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury below, beneath the trailer. Earlier last year, band member Lee Bozeman released his EP, The Majesty of Flesh, which you can read about here. Then check out the video premiere for Luxury’s single “Parallel Love” right here.

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