MIKE Releases New Album Weight of the World

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MIKE Releases New Album Weight of the World

Exactly one year after the release of Tears of Joy, 21-year-old rapper MIKE has dropped his newest album, Weight of the World. The culmination of a year spent traveling, writing and recording, the album marks MIKE’s eighth full-length release since his self-released 2015 debut, WINTER IN NEW YORK. Released on June 21 via his independent label, 10k, Weight of the World features artists Jadasea and Earl Sweatshirt, and includes production from DJ Blackpower (MIKE’s producer alias), Rob Chambers, Darryl Johnson, Red-Lee and KeiyaA. The album is available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud and is set for release on mainstream platforms later this week.

Listen to Weight of the World here.

Weight of the World Album ArtWeight of the World cover art.jpg:

Weight of the World Tracklist:

1. love supremacy (prod. by dj blackpower)
2. alert* (prod. by dj blackpower)
3. coat of many colors (prod. by darryl johnson & dj blackpower)
4. never thought (tribute) (prod. by dj blackpower)
5. 222 (prod. by keiyaa)
6. More Gifts (prod. by dj blackpower)
7. what’s home 1/2 (prod. by rbchmbrs)
8. delicate (prod. by dj blackpower)
9. no, no (prod. by dj blackpower)
10. plans (prod. by dj blackpower)
11. get rich quick scheme (prod. by keiyaa)
12. trail of tears (prod. by keiyaa)
13. weight of the word* (prod. by dj blackpower)
14. Iz u Stupid (prod. by red-lee & dj blackpower)
15. da screets ft. jadasea (prod. by dj blackpower)
16. allstar ft. earl sweatshirt (prod. by dj blackpower)

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