Moses Sumney Announces EP, Shares Urgent New Track “Rank & File”

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Moses Sumney Announces EP, Shares Urgent New Track “Rank & File”

Moses Sumney has shared a deep and dark new political track, “Rank & File,” the last song from his forthcoming EP Black in Deep Red, 2014. The EP, which features three songs, is out next Friday, Aug. 10. Listen to the new song below.

“Rank & File” is far more utilitarian than anything in Sumney’s beautiful, brooding catalogue. Last year, he released his debut album Aromanticism, which harbored such tracks as the haunting “Doomed” and the equally mesmerizing “Make Out in My Car.” “Rank & File” is more texturized, an in-your-face protest song with an army’s eye for order. Sumney even riffs on military stereotypes, singing, “Now I don’t care what I’ve been told.” But backed by rounds of finger snaps and distorted vocals, he sounds unsure.

Sumney previewed the song in an Instagram post Tuesday night. The accompanying video takes after the song’s intro—“they in soldier mode”—displaying a toy soldier as it slowly melts to liquid throughout the clip’s duration. By the end, the figure is a slumped-over tower of muck.

Last year, we hailed Sumney as the Best of What’s Next, as well as one of the best new artists of 2017. Last month, he joined Justin Vernon and Francis and the Lights in covering Bob Dylan—check that out here.

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