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Earlier this week, My Morning Jacket announced that they will be soon be releasing their sixth record Circuital—a release that frontman Jim James recently referred to as “the most live record we’ve ever done.” To promote their forthcoming LP, the Louisville rockers have decided to take us for a trip down memory lane, giving away one free downloadable track from each of their first five records—all of which were recorded at last October’s five-show residency at New York’s Terminal 5.

As we all await for My Morning Jacket’s latest record to arrive in stores sometime this spring, we’ve decided to take a look at our favorite 20 songs from the band.

20. “Heartbreakin Man”
The first song off their first record Tennessee Fire has proven to be one of their best.

19. “What a Wonderful Man”
My Morning Jacket rarely take to the keys like they do on this piano rocker.

18. “O Is The One That Is Real”
The lead track off their Split EP stands as one major diamond in the rough within the MMJ catalog.

17. “Off The Record”
Z’s lead single has no frills—just three-minutes of straightforward rock ‘n’ roll.

16. “Lowdown”
“Yeah you only got to dance with me!”

15. “Wordless Chorus”
Z’s album opener marked a stepped away from My Morning Jacket being a purely Americana band, moving them closer to one willing to step outside of its comfort zone.

14. “I Think I’m Going To Hell”
One of earliest examples of Jim James showcasing the power of his haunting voice.

13. “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream, Pt. 2”
This brooding eight-plus minute track is the lone track from Evil Urges to make this list.

12. “Evelyn Is Not Real”
Take it away, Johnny.

11. “I Will Be There When You Die
A stunning statement of conviction performed in the simplest of manners.

10. “The Way That He Sings”
Jim James wrote “The Way That He Sings” to describe the way great singers can make you lose yourself in a certain song or sound. Looking back, this song does the same thing—except this time with James himself.

9. “Run Thru”
Rolling Stone included “Run Thru” on their ‘100 Greatest Guitar Songs’ list—a decision we would most certainly agree with.

8. “Anytime”
Jim James seeks advice from Madonna (“Boy, you better learn to express yourself!”), while ripping out one of his most memorable guitar riffs to date.

7. “I Will Sing You Songs”
Jim James wistfully pulls our heartstrings out on this nine-minute number.

6. “Lay Low”
This second half of this song captures the essence of My Morning Jacket live.

5. “Xmas Curtain”
This At Dawn standout resides among the best work from My Morning Jacket’s early years.

4. “Golden”
A modern Americana masterpiece.

3. “Gideon”
Jim James takes on religious imagery in biblical proportions.

2. “Mahgeetah”
We think Urban Dictionary’s definition for Mahgeetah says it all.

1. “One Big Holiday”
Originally written about My Morning Jacket being discovered as a band, “One Big Holiday” celebrates how rock ’n’ roll today can be done and should be done.

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