Declan McKenna Releases New Single “Sympathy”

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Declan McKenna Releases New Single “Sympathy”

Declan McKenna is back with a new single called “Sympathy.” After two years of musical silence, the debut track follows his 2020 album Zeros and carries a similarly boisterous indie-pop melody as his previous work. 

The track encourages simplicity and directness, paralleled in the accompanying music video, where McKenna belts directly into the camera, staring down his audience and rejoicing in the song’s freedom. “Sympathy” has chiming organs, jumpy piano chords and an overall shimmer to it. McKenna tells us that it holds a message about acceptance: “It wants us to let go of inhibitions and allow ourselves to truly connect with others rather than overthinking and hiding your feelings away. Or put even simpler, it’s about peace and love,” he says.

Watch the video for “Sympathy” here.

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