Listen To An Alternate Mix Of Nirvana’s “Marigold,” With Dave Grohl On Lead Vocals

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Dave Grohl has grown out of each of his famous bands’ shadows to become perhaps the rock icon of the past 20 years. Last night, he took the stage at the Oscars for a solo performance of “Blackbird” to accompany the “In Memoriam” montage, and you could hear the age and gravitas in his voice. It’s amazing, therefore, to listen to a never-before-heard recording of him in 1993 playing the Nirvana song “Marigold.”

Grohl wrote the song in 1992, and it originally landed as a B-side on the “Heart Shaped Box” single. The newly-leaked alternate mix features Grohl on lead vocal and guitar and adds Kera Schaley on cello. Check it out below.

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