Visit the Prince Online Museum, Featuring a Detailed History of Prince’s Past Official Websites

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The internet is home to many wonderful things, including Queen Elizabeth memes and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver clips. Yesterday, the Prince Online Museum launched, featuring an archive of Prince’s official websites over the past 20 years.

The timeline on the website recounts 16 of his almost 20 past websites, from Prince’s first website, 1996’s, to, which was created in 2013. Each site contains a background of each site and interviews from site creators.

The Prince Online Museum was launched by Sam Jennings, who created the NPG Music Club site with the artist, in tribute to Prince and his impact on the internet by using it to connect with fans and enhance his music, following his death in April. The launch of the Prince Online Museum also marked the 10th anniversary of NPG shutting down.

“The Museum was built by the people who worked directly with Prince on these projects,” Jennings told Billboard. “We are the originators, we are the experts. It is a labor of love, no money has been exchanged. There will be no downloads sold and no membership fees required. But we do have working versions of almost all of Prince’s official websites.”

Visit the official Prince Online Museum here.

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