Watch PUP’s Emotional “Sleep in the Heat” Video Starring Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard

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Watch PUP’s Emotional “Sleep in the Heat” Video Starring Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard

In 2014, actor Finn Wolfhard appeared in the music video for Canadian punk rockers PUP’s song “Guilt Trip,” playing a younger version of lead singer Stefan Babcock in a fictional depiction of the band’s origin. Since then, Wolfhard starred in a show called Stranger Things and has gained a couple of new fans. But PUP, a 2015 Paste Best of What’s Next pick, have a new song out, and Wolfhard hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

“Sleep In The Heat,” off of the band’s adrenaline shot of a second album The Dream Is Over, is about the passing of a beloved pet, inspired by the death of Babcock’s chameleon Norman. Babcock said of the video:

[Director] Jeremy [Schaulin-Rioux] was the one who thought we should make a video for this song. He has this really weird one-eyed grumpy cat that he loves a lot, and I guess the song got him thinking about what it’s going to be like when she’s gone. Losing a friend is something so many of us have had to deal with, which is why I think this video is so powerful.

Speaking to Vulture, Wolfhard said it was his idea to do a sequel to “Guilt Trip”:

I was filming a movie in Toronto and we were having ramen together—me, all the PUP guys, my mom, and Jeremy—and we were talking about the song. This was before they were planning to do a video for it. I said, “Do you guys want to do a ‘Guilt Trip’ part two?’” jokingly. They said, “Yeah, we really want to.” I told them “Sleep in the Heat” is one of my favorite tracks on the album and asked Stefan what it was about, if it was about a girlfriend passing away, and he was like, “Nah, it’s just about my chameleon.” It was surprising. It’s pretty awesome that you can write a heartfelt song about your little chameleon.

The song is about the death of a pet and the video stars a dog, so be prepared to feel all the feelings. Babcock expressed his support for the younger versions of the band, saying, “Big shoutouts to the little PUPs in this video, too—watching them bond and then say goodbye to that dog is one of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking things I can imagine. RIP all of our little friends. We miss you.”

Watch the video for “Sleep in the Heat” above and its predecessor “Guilt Trip” below. Read Paste’s Best of What’s Next write-up on PUP here.

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