Radiohead’s Back Online And Teasing New Music In A Stop-Motion Clip

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You could describe Radiohead’s recent pre-album release behavior as the anti-Kanye: rather than flooding the Internet with tweets and name changes and the like, the British band decided to simply disappear from the web yesterday and dominate the conversation with presence-by-absence. (At least, online absence: they also sent postcards to all their UK-based fans proclaiming, “Sing the song of sixpence that goes/Burn the witch/We know where you live.” Creepy.)

Today, though, Radiohead has reappeared via two stop-motion animation clips posted to Instagram, and they appear to be teasing new music. The first clip merely depicts a bird chirping—perhaps having something to do with the idea of “Dawnchorus,” the name of two companies the band formed earlier this year in what seemed to be an indication of their ninth LP’s imminent release. The second clip is the one that contains a snippet of music, accompanying some scary-looking masked figures with swords doing a threatening dance around a captive woman (perhaps “the witch”). Watch both clips below. Meanwhile, if you’re really thirsting for some Radiohead right now, you can listen to a full concert from 1995 on the Paste Cloud.

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