Listen to Real Estate’s New Song—And Learn to Play It, Too

Music Video Real Estate
Listen to Real Estate’s New Song—And Learn to Play It, Too

Real Estate have released the single “Stained Glass” from their forthcoming album In Mind. The chilled-out song comes with a tutorial music video, which allows you and your jam band to play along—watch above.

This isn’t the first time Real Estate has provided their fan base with an opportunity to follow along via guitar tab. In their 2014 video for “Crime” off their Atlas album, they did the same thing. It’s a fun idea, and invites a level of accessibility that may not exist otherwise. If you’re a beginning guitarist or keyboardist, the “Stained Glass” tutorial might be a bit advanced, though it’s certainly a nice goal to aspire to.

When the band announced their forthcoming album in January, they also released the song “Darling” and a complete tracklist, which can be viewed here. Shortly after that, they announced their 2017 tour, in which they will be accompanied by indie queen Frankie Cosmos and harpist wizard Mary Lattimore.

In Mind debuts on March 17, and is currently available for preorder. While you wait the long 10 days until it is released, listen to “Stained Glass” above and Paste Cloud audio from Real Estate’s 2010 Daytrotter session below.

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