Matt Mondanile Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Matt Mondanile Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Earlier this week, allegations surfaced against Matt Mondanile, former member of the band Real Estate. The allegations detailed a pattern of predatory behavior from the musician (who now performs under the moniker Ducktails) that stretches back over a decade. Real Estate recently revealed that they kicked him out of the band for this exact behavior.

Seven different women came forward and detailed their experiences with the musician, all of which involved unwanted physical contact from Mondanile. The stories included nonconsensual groping and kissing, frequently taking place after Mondanile had lured the woman into a private space, or while they were asleep.

Now, Mondanile has responded to the allegations in a lengthy statement from his attorneys (via Pitchfork):

Recently, there have been allegations and articles circulating regarding Musician Matthew Mondanile’s past conduct toward women. This statement, issued through his attorneys, is intended as a general response to what has been written.

First and foremost, Matt would like to apologize: “I am endlessly sorry for my inappropriate behavior. I took advantage of my position as a musician, though I never intended to hurt anyone emotionally or otherwise. I’ve been an insensitive creep and again I apologize to everyone and anyone who was affected by this. I respect and commend the women who have come forward. Their breaking silence has compelled me to seek a more intense course of self-reflection, and personal development. I make no excuses for my behavior, I only want everyone to be ok. Words cannot convey how truly sorry I am.”

Despite Matt’s attorneys’ legal analysis of the allegations, Matt has insisted that nothing be said that blames or casts aspersions upon his accusers. Much of what has been written and talked about is false and defamatory. Nonetheless, Matthew accepts responsibility for his less than exemplary behavior. Matt realizes that in his eagerness for physical contact and gratification, he has been far from sensitive in his pursuit of women. However, Matt’s attorneys insist that it should be known that for each of the instances described in the media and online, there are two sides to these stories.

Regarding Real Estate, the band required Matt to sign a “leaving agreement” in February 2016 that prohibits both him and the band members from making any negative or derogatory statements about the other, or that may negatively affect the other’s reputation and career. In violating the terms of the agreement, Real Estate band members were not “protecting the victims,” they were instead protecting themselves by sidestepping the controversy to protect the band’s commercial viability.

So there are a couple of things to note here. While it’s good that Mondanile realizes the gravity of the situation and is apologetic, nearly every comment from his lawyers attempts to cast doubt and blame on everyone but Matt. Statements like “much of what has been written and talked about is false and defamatory” and “there are two sides to these stories” are obviously meant to make Mondanile’s fans doubt the victims. Plus, there’s that dig at Real Estate at the end, with the clear intent to make their “violation” of the exit agreement a legal issue. There’s a solid chance we’ll be hearing about legal battles between Real Estate and their former guitarist in the near future.

Ducktails’ U.S. tour has been cancelled, per Pitchfork, as has their Japanese tour.

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