Shamir Releases “Oversized Sweater,” Announces New Album

Homo Anxietem arrives August 18 via Kill Rock Stars.

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Shamir Releases “Oversized Sweater,” Announces New Album

Prolific jack-of-all-trades Shamir is back with the lead single from their newest studio album, Homo Anxietem, out August 18 via Kill Rock Stars. “Oversized Sweater” demonstrates Shamir’s directional shift into a softer, alt-pop side of their oeuvre; a wearily wistful rumination on the death of a relationship that swoops upward into a ballad of hope by the track’s end.

Homo Anxietem is the 28-year-old artist’s ninth album in eight years, a testament to their tireless work ethic and industry savvy. On the album, Shamir faces off against a litany of churning emotions, culminating in a standoff with the devil. The video for “Oversized Sweater” demonstrates the internal focus Shamir has taken with their newest album; wilting in a colorful room, the singer peers watchfully into the close camera. In its last minute, they break out, dancing in their garden and basking in the sunshine. While nurtured hope shines through in the track, one wonders which side of Shamir will win out on Homo Anxietem at its close.

Watch the video for “Oversized Sweater” and check out the album’s tracklist and album art below.


Homo Anxietem Album Artwork:

Homo Anxietem Tracklist:
01 Oversized Sweater
02 Wandering Through
03 Our Song
04 Appetizer
05 Calloused
06 Crime
07 The Beginning
08 Without You
09 Obsession
10 Words
11 The Devil Said The Blues Is All I’ll Know

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