Shelley (fka DRAM) Returns with “Exposure”

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Shelley (fka DRAM) Returns with “Exposure”

Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith is back making music under a new moniker. Smith found success quickly under the name DRAM, landing a spot on Paste’s 20 Best New Bands of 2016 for his work on debut album Big Baby DRAM and massive single “Broccoli.” The artist has been on something of a hiatus since his 2018 EP That’s a Girls Name, only releasing the odd single in the time since. Now, it seems he is here to stay under the name Shelley with his newest single “Exposure.”

Before releasing the single, Shelley took to Twitter to announce his return via a faux-late-night monologue. He explained his absence from music after racking up so many accomplishments by saying, “I took some time to focus on my health, voice, and growth—focus on me.”

On “Exposure,” it’s clear that Shelley’s decision to focus on his voice was time well spent. The R&B slow jam is an excellent showing of Shelley’s talent as a singer, with his rich and smooth vocals providing the feel-good energy that dominates his discography. The music video shows Shelley with a backing band, partially obscured behind a vintage TV rolling even more footage of the artist.

Watch Shelley’s return with “Exposure” below.

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