Slaughter Beach, Dog Announce New LP, Release “Float Away”

Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling is out September 22 via Lame-O Records

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Slaughter Beach, Dog Announce New LP, Release “Float Away”

Slaughter Beach, Dog have announced their fifth studio album, Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling, out September 22 on Lame-O Records. In addition to standalone single “Strange Weather,” released last month, the group have unveiled a new song to accompany the album announcement. “Float Away” is a bouncy description of heartbreak, if such a thing is possible—the tune rolls forward in a sort of nouveau-yacht rock style as its singer sees his beloved fade slowly into the distance.

Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling is inspired by the classics, the old music frontman Jake Ewald found himself wandering around the Poconos to during the pandemic. “It’s my opinion that every record is about growing up- we all have to get a little older before we make the next one,” he describes of the process. “Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling examines a particular weightlessness that is part of spreading wings, putting down roots, trying to grab ahold of something. This is how it feels when you’re making the moves that you make while becoming the person that you’re going to be.”

Watch the “Float Away” video here and check out the Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling artwork and tracklist below.

Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling  Artwork:

Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling Tracklist:
Surfin’ New Jersey
Strange Weather
Float Away
My Sister in Jesus Christ
Summer Windows
Bobcat Club

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