Slow Dazzle – The View From The Floor

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Slow Dazzle – The View From The Floor

Grab a seat in the back of the bar, order a couple whiskeys, and gear up for some woozy jams. This two-thirds of the Mendoza Line holds true to its name with a ProTools-in-the-saloon sound that certainly doesn’t make for a fast dazzle. Shannon McArdle sings like a less-experienced Neko Case, and Timothy Bracy sings like he’s been listening to Bob Dylan records all his life. Throw in their typical but clever lyrics (“I pray the Lord forgive me the extent of my remarks”), rustic string and piano sounds, and layers of engineer Peter Langland-Hassan’s dreamy electronics, and you’ve got a country record with citified production. (Hence Slow Dazzle’s New York City-via-Georgia roots.) It might be a little unexciting at times, but all in all, the view from the floor’s not too bad.

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