Spotify’s Discover Weekly Hits 40 Million Users, 5 Billion Tracks Streamed

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Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, a weekly reloading playlist of 30 songs geared towards individual user tastes, has reached a major milestone.

Today, the streaming service announced that more than 40 million users have streamed nearly 5 billion tracks through the personalized playlist since it debuted in July of last year. According to the service, over half of monthly listeners return to and stream at least 10 tracks from their Discover Weekly playlists each week. Those users also save at least one out of the 30 songs given each week.

The streamer also states that listeners aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits. Though Spotify has been challenged in the past for its financial structure, especially regarding new artists, it says the Discover Weekly program is actually helping those same artists find new fans. According to the release, “There are over 8,000 artists for whom more than half of their listeners in the last month were from Discover Weekly alone.” Spotify name-checks BORNS, Halsey, Transviolet, TastyTreat and Safakash as beneficiaries of the playlist.

Perhaps things are looking up for the music service? According to reports, Spotify told its investors 2015 was its “best year ever” with revenues hitting over $2 billion. Only a few months ago, the service hit 30 million paid subscribers.

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