The Beatles Dominate Spotify in First 100 Days of Streaming

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The Beatles are kind of a big deal. People know them.

So we weren’t exactly thunderstruck to discover that the Fab Four have been streamed like crazy since their late 2015 arrival on Spotify. The streaming service has released the band’s massive stats in an infographic that reveals the indisputable existence of modern-day Beatlemania.

In the band’s first 100 days on Spotify, users have streamed a staggering 2,793 years worth of Beatles tunes, the most popular of which has been “Here Comes the Sun,” followed by “Come Together,” “Let It Be” and “Yesterday.” All four tracks rank highly on our list of the 50 best Beatles songs. These streams are pouring in from 6.5 million monthly listeners the world over.

Such prodigious statistics indicate that the Beatles have beaten out some of Spotify’s most high-profile artists, including Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Sia and 5 Seconds of Summer. As CNET’s Daniel Van Boom points out, none of those artists had even been born when the Beatles broke up back in 1970, so chalk one up for the old guys here.

Given that Spotify is the only streaming service to release these statistics, we can only imagine how many plays the Beatles have racked up on Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and all the rest. Long may they be played.

Check out Spotify’s infographic below—click to enlarge. Bonus points for simultaneously enjoying some music from individual Beatles here, via the Paste Cloud.


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