Listen to an Early Dave Brubeck Quartet Take on “Singin’ In The Rain” 65 Years Ago Today

The performance was broadcast on WMEX radio in Boston.

Music Features The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Listen to an Early Dave Brubeck Quartet Take on “Singin’ In The Rain” 65 Years Ago Today

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Dave Brubeck, pioneer pianist of cool jazz and unusually jarring compositions, first organized his famed Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1951 alongside bassist Wyatt Ruther, drummer Herb Barman, and alto saxophonist and loyal musical partner Paul Desmond. While members of Brubeck’s quartet rotated throughout the 50s and into the 60s, Brubeck’s work with Desmond remained constant, and on Feb. 6, 1953, the two performed with The Dave Brubeck Quartet at George Wein’s Storyville in Boston, Massachussetts. An early iteration of the group, the quartet was still signed to Fantasy records at the time of this performance and would not have any major releases until their securing their contract with Colombia the following year.

The performance, which was broadcast on WMEX radio in Boston, features several popular songs and standards including “Heart and Soul,” “Stardust,” and “All The Things You Are.” The Quartet also performed on an original rendition of “Singin’ In The Rain,” of which the classic film of the same was released one year earlier. Listen to Brubeck’s timeless performance from this day in 1953 below:

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