PREMIERE: Listen to the Deslondes’ New Track “I’ll Do It”

The New Orleans quintet's new album, Roll It Out, arrives September 6 via New West Records.

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PREMIERE: Listen to the Deslondes’ New Track “I’ll Do It”

A month after announcing their upcoming album Roll It Out, the Deslondes are back with their latest single, “I’ll Do It.” Sam Doores, Riley Downing, Dan Cutler, Howe Pearson and JJ Tourville sound as dynamic as ever on “I’ll Do It,” oscillating between a rollicking rouse of country-funk and steadfast, floral muzak. It’s the kind of song you can’t help but dance with a lover, friend or stranger to (the “If you’re asking for love, there is no limit / If you want to cry a river, I’ll swim” couplet adds to its intimacy), and the Deslondes’ three-part vocal and twin-guitar melody ruptures into pure soul by the runtime’s conclusion. Written by Pearson, “I’ll Do It” is everlasting and splendid.

“I wanted to make a song offering dog-like support to a friend, just some simple love and affirmation. Like a more wholesome take on ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog,'” Pearson says. “It’s not all we need—it’s just the least we can do for each other, which hopefully counts for something. The band and Andrija arranged the song together, and we tweaked some of the lyrics. JJ came up with the riff in the middle, and Riley played the flexatone.”

Listen to “I’ll Do It” below and watch the Deslondes’ Paste Session from 2022 here.

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