Listen to the Indigo Girls Open for the Grateful Dead, Cover Hendrix and Paul Simon

Today in the Vault: an exclusive 1993 recording featuring "Galileo" and three covers.

Music Features The Indigo Girls
Listen to the Indigo Girls Open for the Grateful Dead, Cover Hendrix and Paul Simon

Did you know that Paste owns the world’s largest collection of live music recordings? It’s true! And what’s even crazier, it’s all free—hundreds of thousands of exclusive songs, concerts and videos that you can listen to and watch right here at, from Louis Armstrong to The Who to U2 to Wilco. Every day, we’ll dig through the archive to find the coolest recording we have from that date in history. Search and enjoy!

Examining the Paste vault gives us insight into decades of concert lineups that we could only ever dream of happening again. On this day in 1993, the Grateful Dead launched a two-night run at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Ore. Opening for the jam band was a group much smaller and quieter—The Indigo Girls.

By the time they opened for the Dead, the Indigo Girls had released four highly acclaimed albums in five years, with the most recent being 1992’s Rites of Passage. To nearly 2,000 Grateful Dead fans, and surely some new and old Indigo Girls fans, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers played some of their earliest hits, like “Closer to Fine,” “Chicken Man” and their latest single from Rites of Passage, “Galileo,” which was the duo’s first Top 10 modern-rock song.

Since the Indigo Girls weren’t headlining this show, they were able to play a few covers rather than all of their own tracks. After playing “Galileo,” Ray and Saliers performed their own renditions of Bob Dylan’s classic “All Along the Watchtower,” and closed their set with Simon & Garfunkel’s “American Tune.” These covers were so successful that the audience demanded an unexpected encore, motivating the duo to perform the classic tune made famous by The Youngbloods, “Get Together.”

To find out what half of the Indigo Girls is up to now, check out our most recent interview with Emily Saliers.

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