The Posies – Interview Part 2

Wolfgang's Vault (San Francisco, CA), 12/05/2010

Music Video The Posies

With three decades of alternative rock already under their belts, the Posies released their 7th album in 2010, and stopped by Wolfgang’s Vault during their recent San Francisco tour-stop to catch us up. Their career started with alt hits like “Dream All Day”, and continues with the same harmony and sophistication on this year’s Blood/Candy. “We started out as teenagers, twenty-some-odd years ago, and we made this lovely, very innocent kind of record that existed in stark contrast to the prevailing winds that were blowing in Seattle at the time,” notes Ken Stringfellow. “Ever since then, people tend to think of us as this very sunny, vintage-sounding band. But we really haven’t been that way for a long time.”

“There are so many influences and styles woven into what we do and we’ve never made the same record twice, not even close to it,” adds Jon Auer. “And our new record is as sophisticated and challenging as anything we’ve ever made.” Check out the Posies’ Vault Session.

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