The Weather Station Shares New Single/Video, “Atlantic”

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The Weather Station Shares New Single/Video, “Atlantic”

Toronto songwriter Tamara Lindeman will release her fifth album as The Weather Station, Ignorance, on Feb. 5 via Fat Possum. Wednesday, she shared a new single from the record, “Atlantic,” along with a self-directed music video.

This is our third preview of Ignorance, following the October 2020 release of “Robber,” one of Paste’s top songs of last year, and November 2020’s “Tried to Tell You.” The album is among our most-anticipated 2021 releases.

Lindeman said of her new single/video in a statement:

Trying to capture something of the slipping feeling I think we all feel, the feeling of dread, even in beautiful moments, even when you’re a little drunk on a sea cliff watching the sun go down while seabirds fly around you; that slipping feeling is still there, that feeling of dread, of knowing that everything you see is in peril. I feel like I spend half my life working on trying to stay positive. My whole generation does. But if you spend any time at all reading about the climate situation circa now, positivity and lightness are not fully available to you anymore; you have to find new ways to exist and to see, even just to watch the sunset. I tried to make the band just go crazy on this one, and they did. This is one where the music really makes me see the place in my mind; the flute and the guitar chasing each other, wheeling around like birds, the drums cliff like in their straightness; I love the band on this one.

Watch the “Atlantic” video and revisit Lindeman’s 2017 Paste Studio session below.

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