The Weeknd and Daft Punk Go Full Sci-Fi in “I Feel It Coming” Video

Music Video The Weeknd
The Weeknd and Daft Punk Go Full Sci-Fi in “I Feel It Coming” Video

The Weeknd has released the video for his hit Starboy song “I Feel It Coming,’” featuring Daft Punk. The music video, directed by Warren Fu, is filmed in the style of a sci-fi throwback such as Star Wars or [insert any sci-fi movie featuring a male protagonist and a desolate red planet here]. Watch the video above.

We see The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, singing his sexy-seductive ballad on a unknown dusty desert planet far, far away. Eventually, his crooning brings forth a model who totally doesn’t look exactly like Bella Hadid. Unfortunately, his fling with Space Babe™ doesn’t last long. Just as things are getting center-of-the-sun hot, she turns to stone. Tesfaye looks more resigned than shocked—has this happened before? In any case, he turns to stone shortly after his lady, proving once again that sexual seduction is no match for the sweet, sweet release of stone paralysis.

Daft Punk are largely absent from the video, though they do make a sneak appearance at the very end. It’s a million years later, more or less, and the desert planet has turned to ice. Daft Punk, dressed like if Armani met a Sith Lord, push aside some snow to reveal a pulsating, pink crystal light. Tesfaye’s lust lives on, encased in pink carbonite. Chic!

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