Marc Maron Interviews Oh Sees’ John Dwyer on His WTF Podcast

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Marc Maron Interviews Oh Sees’ John Dwyer on His WTF Podcast

Thee Oh Sees changed their name to Oh Sees back in June, pre-Orc release, and then to OCS in August ahead of Memory of a Cut Off Head, and we sincerely hope this won’t confuse anyone. Everyone’s just trying to be more modern, even Marc Maron, who interviewed OCS (we guess) frontman John Dwyer on his WTF podcast. Maron recognizes the band’s multiple aliases—as well as how Dwyer was a mentor for Ty Segall.

“For those of you who don’t like it when I talk, this one’s for you,” Maron says of Dwyer’s “mile a minute” speech and work pace. During the interview, Maron acts as rock dude-turned-dad who’s at the edge of his seat, trying to censor his broad vocabulary so as to evaluate Dwyer’s work in cool terms. Maron’s really just the fan who lives up the street from both Dwyer and Segall. Dwyer and Maron run the gamut of topics, everything you talk about when you talk about Bay-Area fuzz rock, Katy Perry, cults and cocaine.

“I can’t think of any junkie comedians,” Dwyer says. “Oh, there are some,” Maron responds. What follows are stories you won’t get anywhere else—you can listen to the whole episode in the player below.

Dwyer and company’s next album (as we wipe sweat off of our foreheads and onto a large pile of Oh Sees albums) is called Memory of a Cut Off Head, and it’s out Nov. 17 via Castle Face under the band name OCS. If you’d like to listen to Oh Sees back when they were just Thee Oh Sees, in all of their sloppy and weird—the word “weird” is relative here—bass-heavy glory, check out our selection from the Paste Cloud below.

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