Watch Thunderpussy Nail a Cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” at Paste

The rising Seattle quartet stripped down a classic and played music from their debut.

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Watch Thunderpussy Nail a Cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” at Paste

Paste Studio was thrilled to host emerging Seattle quartet Thunderpussy last week in our New York office, where the band played a cut from their debut self-titled record as well as a brand new song and a deep-dive cover. Hearing these hard-rocking gals perform in a rare acoustic setting was a special treat for anyone who’s witnessed them stomp, strut and rip through their electrifying live show, or heard them do it on lead singles like “Speed Queen” and “Thunderpussy.” To mark the quieter occasion at Paste, the band included a remarkable version of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” rendered here with a gentle acoustic guitar and a brushed…cardboard box.

Watch Thunderpussy play “The Chain” at Paste:

Thunderpussy’s rendition jettisoned the original’s kick-drum heartbeat and harmonized intro, reimagining the song as a solo tour de force by Stevie Nicks, in this case played by Thunderpussy frontwoman Molly Sides. (The original is mostly sung by Lindsey Buckingham.) It was an ingenious take, though one the band admitted they couldn’t exactly take credit for. They were inspired by a similar version, a grainy demo with Nicks alone on guitar that was released as part of the 35th anniversary reissue of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours back in 2013.

“It’s the most beautiful demo and it’s Stevie Nicks,” said vocalist Molly Sides. “It’s pretty magical to hear to these—basically they’re like little snippets of the songs, or they’re full songs and they pulled from them and created ‘The Chain.’”

“We love Stevie,” echoed guitarist Whitney Perry.

Thunderpussy also performed original songs “Cloud,” from the new LP, and “On the Line.” Watch those below, pick up Thunderpussy everywhere on May 25, and catch the band on tour.

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