Exclusive: TIFFY Shares Dazed New Single “Don’t Wanna Talk”

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Exclusive: TIFFY Shares Dazed New Single “Don’t Wanna Talk”

Boston-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tiffany Sammy, who records under the name TIFFY, has shared her latest single “Don’t Wanna Talk,” exclusively via Paste. The new track will be paired with another new single (which drops next month) and will be released on cassette and seven-inch in late June via Dollhouse Lightning. This new release follows her 2019 debut EP Fire Sale.

“Don’t Wanna Talk” melds dewy dream pop with dazed lo-fi punk—it sounds like a melted-down punk song that was reconstructed with wistful guitars and scrappy, off-center synths. Sometimes breakups feel like you’re living in a warped reality, and TIFFY transports us to that surreal existence via emotive, neon keys. Her delivery ranges from soothing to slightly cavalier, and you likely won’t hear a punk-adjacent tune with this much tender longing any time soon.

Sammy says of the new single:

“Don’t Wanna Talk” is a direct exploration in the strangeness of processing a breakup especially during the summer. Originally it was going to be called “Davis Sq” because at the time I would walk around the Davis Sq neighborhood of Somerville a lot and I would get so distraught seeing so many couples and young people happy waiting in brunch lines while I was just in so much pain and miserable. I would try to enjoy the things that typically make me happy, like listening to ’50s, ’60s oldies pop music, but it all felt so sinister, especially listening to “Wouldn’t Be Nice” by the Beach Boys. My response in that moment of listening was “No, it’s not so nice, now that we’re older because we waited so long.” In this song I wanted to convey the disorientation of a 100 degree sun beating down on you, cheerful music is playing in the background, birds are singing, and everyone else seems to have it figured out other than you.

Listen to “Don’t Wanna Talk,” exclusively via Paste below.

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