Bonafide Sweet-Tooth Tyler, The Creator Reveals Jeni’s Ice Cream Collaboration

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Bonafide Sweet-Tooth Tyler, The Creator Reveals Jeni’s Ice Cream Collaboration

Tyler, The Creator’s unbridled, undying loyalty to sweets and sugary things is well-documented: The musician dedicated an entire episode of his short-lived Nuts + Bolts series to harvesting his own maple syrup, filmed a cooking tutorial for the perfect cinnamon toaster waffles, refers to his bedroom as a cereal burial in 2017’s “Boredom” and counts sugar as his only vice.

The only way is up for the sweet tooth, it appears—the musician and designer has just revealed his collaboration with Ohio-based artisan ice cream company Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Named “Snowflake,” Tyler’s signature flavor is a two-colored blend of cool peppermint, warm spearmint and white chocolate, with white chocolate flakes and sea salt mixed throughout.

“As much as I love white chocolate chip cookies, I can’t get over the fact that someone made the universal rule that they always have to come with those useless macadamia nuts,” Tyler wrote in a note accompanying the announcement. “For as long as I can remember, mint ice cream seemed to always come with every chocolate chip but white. I finally got the two away from their clingy friends and set up a play date for my mouth.”

The flavor is an extension of the musician’s GOLF le FLEUR* brand, so it’s only fitting that the design on the pint matches the brand’s lopsided flower motif. (To quote Eve Babitz: “Packaging is all heaven is.”)

The exclusive flavor will be released on the GOLF and Jeni’s websites, and at the GOLF flagship store in Los Angeles on July 6 at 10 a.m. ET. The flavor will be sold at Jeni’s locations starting on July 8.

Let’s see if anyone buys the entire stock in bulk and resells it on eBay for $50 a pop.

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