Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos to Release New EP as This Is Lorelei

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Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos to Release New EP as This Is Lorelei

As if Water From Your Eyes’ 2023 couldn’t get any better, the band’s own Nate Amos has announced a new EP under his longtime solo project This Is Lorelei. The new record, titled EP #33, is arriving this Friday. To coincide with the announcement, Amos has unveiled a single called “The Laughter Remains,” a folk-inspired, reflective track that juxtaposes greatly with Water From Your Eyes’ recent gem Everyone’s Crushed—showcasing Amos’ undeniable range.

Amos says of “The Laughter Remains”: “In ‘The Laughter Remains’ an unnamed narrator observes an angel singing to a dying bird on a beach. Inspired by the waltzes of Shane MacGowan and the poetry of Emily Dickinson, I wrote it as a song of comfort for myself at a time when I was undergoing intense therapy and felt in the midst of a painful but ultimately worthwhile personal transformation. Music is and always has been an outlet for me, but in this particular case it really gave me a boost when I felt unboostable. Listening to the song now I realize that I was more equipped to navigate emotionally tumultuous terrain than I gave myself credit for at the time. It’s a song about a future that is always there, in one form or another, and will always be worth looking forward to.”

Listen to “The Laughter Remains” below.

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