Prince’s Sister Says the Singer Had No Official Will

Music News

Dealings with the late Prince’s estate could get messy.

According to an AP report, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, his only living full sibling, says the legendary singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist had no known will. She has filed paperwork asking a Minneapolis court to appoint a special administrator charged with managing his sizable estate.

Here’s hoping that this matter is resolved quickly and effectively, because if not, there are plenty of things over which Prince’s various relatives and friends might battle. His property is valued at approximately $27 million, and that doesn’t include any unreleased songs or other holdings he possessed, with value that is unknown but presumably quite high.

This whole situation seems very strange to us, given Prince’s notoriously strict protection of his copyrights and near-total avoidance of streaming services. Ideally, there will be no more news to report on this front, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can check out the rest of our Prince coverage here.

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