Exclusive: Zoon Shares Video for Enchanting Shoegaze Single “Brokenhead”

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Exclusive: Zoon Shares Video for Enchanting Shoegaze Single “Brokenhead”

Zoon, the shoegaze project of Canadian and First Nations musician Daniel Monkman, has shared a new video for his track “Brokenhead,” which you can watch exclusively via Paste below. The song is taken from his 2020 debut album Bleached Wavves, out now via Paper Bag Records. Paste previously premiered the album’s second single, “Help Me Understand,” and praised the album for “Monkman’s translation of delicate personal tribulations into deeply spiritual bluster.”

One of the album’s most enchanting tracks, “Brokenhead,” is ruled by a wicked overdriven guitar riff, which has an acute sense of longing. The windy guitars and calming percussion make for a transcendent experience.

Monkman said of the song’s inspiration:

The song “Brokenhead” was written/composed from a feeling I had when I left the reservation as a young teen. It was the first time I had built a strong relationship with my dad since becoming a young adult. He wanted a better life for me – to get me off the reserve and explore Canada. To do this he helped me buy a truck. My dad had been recently compensated by the Canadian government for being forced to attend residential schools from childhood to early teens. Although his ability to help me came at a great cost and I wouldn’t fully understand until years later, the realization heavily influenced the conception of “Brokenhead.” I remember that very first solo drive away from his place after months of teaching me to drive. He and my uncle followed me a short distance down the highway and then stopped. I could see he and my uncle in the review mirror waving goodbye as distance between us grew further and further away. I felt a kind of Triumph and yet a rush of sadness/ happiness. When I was recording the guitars, I kept focusing on that feeling.

Monkman said of the new video:

When creating the “Brokenhead” music video, I really wanted to bring in imagery of Pow Wows and the universe. If you asked our elders where we come from they’ll tell you “We came from the stars.” Our origin story was very impacting during my recovery so I wanted to show people that. Justis, the director, did such an amazing job taking my ideas and bringing to the screen.

Watch the Justis Krar-directed video for “Brokenhead” below, and purchase Bleached Wavves here.

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