Candace Coker

For fans of:Josh Garrels, Kina Grannis, Joni Mitchell, Lianne La Havas, Bethel Music

Candace Coker is a Trinidad-born singer/songwriter who brings an evocative blend of poetry, gospel and musicality to the world of alternative-folk. Her sound carries with it a jazzy softness and a neo-soul grit, which she attributes to her love for the 1940s, as well as her Afro-Caribbean roots.

Discovering her talent at the young age of 10, Coker began songwriting as a purely therapeutic exercise, crafting melancholy folk melodies that created space and stillness for her anxious mind to rest. However, her move to Vancouver in 2013 marked a thematic and stylistic shift in her music, as she gained a new excitement for life and beauty, and as she wrestled through her own curiosities about love, faith and what it means to be Afro-Caribbean within a North American context.

Today, her music is a call to celebrate diversity, to heal, to expose emotion at its root, to revel in beauty and to be courageous in the face of love’s wild adventure.

   Everlasting love - 2015
   Compass - 2017
   Somebody Dies (Live at the Railway) - 2020
   Go (from the I Am Paul Walker Documentary) - 2020

With her recent move back to her Caribbean hometown, Coker has been engaged in songwriting for international artists & film. She is also gearing to releasing some of her own new music <3 Click the link below to hear Coker’s latest release.