Christopher Grundy

For fans of:David Wilcox, Peter Mayer, Dar Williams, Carrie Newcomer, Richard Shindell

CHRISTOPHER GRUNDY is one of the leaders in a movement forging a new musical genre: progressive Christian worship music. For emergent and progressive Christians, it's a breath of fresh air - and about time. New, evocative images, emerging theologies, inclusive and expansive language, and musical styles that draw upon folk, alt rock, R&B, and a cappella chant.

For the last two decades Christopher has been writing and playing for national, regional, and local church events, as well as at colleges, coffee houses, and benefit concerts. In that time he has developed a particular kind of thoughtful, spiritual folk, adding a few other styles along the way.

"I always refer to Christopher as one of the finest composers of new music in the Church today. He has a wonderful gift for writing beautiful choruses that are wonderful musically, yet very easy to learn and sing, and his gifts with language and theological insight are also exceptional." - Bryan Sirchio,