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Reaching Out

Reaching Out by Disciple The Rest
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For fans of:Linkin Park, Lecrae, Thousand Foot Krutch, Josh Garrels, Propaganda
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  1. Lift My Hands
  2. Help
  3. Enemy
  4. Words Unspoken
  5. Forgotten
  6. One Last Chance
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Reaching out is an album of songs we worked on for years. As in, about one song was written every year as we grew up haha. We finally got enough time and money to put them on an album with quality for everyones ears to hear the message we're trying to spread. This album is us experimenting in the studio with different hip-hop/rock feel to it with lyrics carefully constructed in a way only God could speak them. The message of this CD is 2 guys who were reaching out to God in hopes of being filled up, their request being granted to the point of an overflow which was then poured out into this album. We are currently working on album number 2 which is coming along amazingly thanks to the things Jesus taught us during the tough times of making this album. It's all because we reached out, God grabbed our hand and led the way.
Josh Todd- Lyrics Will Crowder- Music/ Lyrics Allan Obberrender- Music Trevor Fogle- Music LYRICS LIFT MY HANDS I'd be full of rage if I wasn't a sage I learn from my experience, I hope that you are hearing this Just please us Jesus you're my Lord and Savior You correct my wrongs and all my behavior People need ya, but they don't understand That they have to reach out before you can grab their hand Yeah, livin for Christ it ain't no piece of cake You gonna be called a liar, you gonna be called a fake But you ain't no hipocrit it's just your struggle with God And if my words touch you don't say "I learned from Josh Todd" This ain't me it's the spirit and I hope that you hear it By the spirit of God I pray that you fear it I feel something good inside (I feel something, something good inside) And it's messin with me It's when I jump (When I lift my hands up to the sky) It's when I sing It's when I lift my hands to you God Man forget your wrongs, God don't look at what you DID You can say, "I was stupid, maturity of a kid" Then ya grow up and ya blow up in the image of Christ You think your situations too bad? man, you better think twice You got one foot on the brake and you got one on the throttle Faith the size of mustard seeds can move mountains What about the bottle? The Bible says we can do greater things than Jesus You think you sin too much? Man, that's not the way he sees us Ask for your forgiveness, let's go out and raise the dead There's no such thing as impossible so get that mess out your head CHORUS Now listening to this song Ain't gonna save your soul Only the King of Kings Is the one in control I can help you, guide you Anytime you need But it's up to you to blossom I can only plant the seed (I feel something, something good inside) You may say I'm not a rapper cuz I don't rap what you wanna hear Rather live without knowin and die in fear That I'm right, don't fight, that's not what I'm here to do I wasn't born this way, you should see the stuff I been through Grew up as a white dude in a broken down hood Everyones my enemy, man this stuff ain't good All the white folks looking at me like I ain't good enough Black folks lookin at me hopin to call my bluff I'm a poser in they eyes but neither of us realize It ain't about what we think it's about Jesus Christ I ain't up here to tell you how many "hatas" I got How much bad stuff I can do without bein caught We all have our trials and we have our tribulations We all have a time when we needa let out our frustration My life for God, wish I had no hesitation cuz I'm better off now than then with God we all win. (When I lift my hands up to the sky) HELP I don't know where I'm goin yeah I only know where I've been I'm not askin you to save me I'd just like some help every now and then If you would just reach out your hand or let me cry to you on the phone Because sometimes I just wanna feel like i am not always alone Oh yeah, I need some help, I need some help sometimes It's not everyday yeah sometimes I feel fine I need some help sometimes I feel like letting go And I need someone to just tell me to take it slow yeah I can't live like this all by myself, I need some help We all need a little help, just someone to lean on To pour out my heart and my guts and my spleen on To get all of that crap built up and just let it out Someone to stay calm when we start to shout When that demon of depression just starts stressin us out And we pull on our hair and gouge our eyeballs out We can't take it, won't make it is the way it seems Accountability partner, will you let me blow off some steam? Some of it may sound mean and I may need some correction But let me let it out then point me in the direction I needa go, I needa flow so you can know How I feel, I keep it real yeah this you know I'm prayin, I'm sayin to God what I think I need Because I can't start growin till somebody plants the seed and I CHORUS If you help me when I'm blue, you best believe baby I'll help you Come on brother can't you see? I need you like you need me Together we can make it through You help me and I'll help you Together we can get through this pain and we'll ask God to let it rain Let it rain let it rain oh God just let it rain (REPEAT) God take away my pain (REPEAT) (I can't live like this all by myself, I need some help) CHORUS I need some help I need some help ENEMY I hope you realize that spreading lies is not the way to get the attention You want attention to break the tension so in your mouth you like to mention Other names, and spread crap around school You think you're a superstar? Rockstar? Cool. I know you need help and God can show you if you stop putting everyone else below you You're my enemy, yeah we don't like each other But the Bible says you are still my brother Or my sister, its a mind twister, never thought that I'd wanna help you But that's what God does, he blows my mind Saves it like he does to all mankind Nah, I still don't like you But I don't wanna fight you I wanna show you the light so don't fight You got low self-esteem everyone can tell Confidence so bad think you're going straight to hell Truth be told I feel sorry for you Pickin on people like people did you Think it'll make you feel better bout you? Well here's a message that I hope gets through Man, never thought I'd wanna say this to you. I wish you would give God Give God your soul, give God your soul I don't want you to live bad, I need Gods control, need Gods control Now listen before you start dissin Me for being such a God wad You would understand if you gave it a chance Grab Gods hand and start to dance He's the only one you should focus your romance But you don't listen nor give him a chance You just like to talk crap and I ain't down with that I used to think takin my fist and givin it a smack On your skull and slammin, like your jammin To some hardcore rock, put ya in a head lock Was the only way but that don't solve a thing Just you all hurtin and my knuckles sting God saved my life and you still show me hate Dissin my decision not understanding my fate Why I'm tellin you this? Man I'm askin too All I know is that God wants you. CHORUS I don't wanna hear you cry no more Get up, plant your feet firm right on the floor Don't move, you know this world can't budge you You always tell yourself only God can judge you You repeat over and over again in your mind Things you wanna achieve but can't hit rewind Think your lifes too lost and can't be found? Tragedys always hitting you from all around Why does the world hate you? God, why you? Seems like everythings always happening to you See these sinful punks getting everything they want You try to do the right thing and never have no fun No, you don't get nothing when you pray and pray Life seems to keep passin you day to day Eventually you lose hope you can't take no more Tears down your cheeks crash on the floor But stomp on em and don't cry no more!! I wish you would give God your soul (Stomp on em and don't cry no more) I don't want you to live bad, I need Gods control (Stomp on em and don't cry no more) I want you to live right, I love you like in Gods eyes When God put these words into me I never thought that they would be to my enemy. WORDS UNSPOKEN You call yourself a Christian but you hate another man Instead of hatin on him, you're supposed to reach out your hand For him to grab, I don't care if he's Christian or not Imagine if he died the next day, would you be put on the spot? Cuz he was caught by the devil and drug down to hell His bloods not only on his hands but yours as well It's our duty as Christians to give what we got Ain't that what Jesus did for us? Yeah, Christian or not This is for you man, the good man, the bad man, the good friend Give me one more shot to shine the light, give me one more chance until the end I messed up, I got it, I moved on, hypnotic You were the life I could have saved and man I should have stopped it I did one thing I told myself I would try to never do I let you walk into the dark without a single clue You were my friend man why'd I put you through what i put you through? I should have loved you What would Jesus do? Think of things from his perspective, walkin round with his head hung low Wants someone to lift him up but all you do is push him below God puts on your heart to tell this dude about Christ You take one look at him, you're hopeless, but you should think twice You know hells his fate if you don't help him change his ways You're his best friend and this goes on for days and days The conviction hasn't set in till you get a phone call He was shot two times and now on your knees you fall singin Everytime I saw you I felt no hope inisde It's messed up, I told you, you would burn one day in another life But I didn't mean it and I knew that it wasn't right despite Now everytime I think about you I feel I wanna cry You were the one who needed love, someone to hold you tight And if i had a second chance i know I'd take the fight Cuz I know that the love that He gave me was not only to be mine I should have loved you Just like he does I Ohhhhh I feel no hope inside And if I had a second chance it would change my mind Change my mind Don't worry don't take it ti heart Yeah, you shoulda told your friend about Christ from the start I mean, it's partially his fault, he knew of the Lord But not of his love and that's where you come in the door Just do your friend a favor and spread the word of Christ With everyone you come in contact with yeah don't think twice Don't take a gamble with someone elses soul And when the words come out your lips just know Gods in control FORGOTTEN I wish the past stayed the past and names could be forgotten Throw em away cuz it ain't nothin but rotten Look at how far this sin has gotten I wish the past stayed the past and names could be forgotten I just wanna move on and not think of past times The ones that put me through things and took me outta line We're all Gods children, yeah He loves us all But every now and then all of us yeah we fall And there's the people out there who have that spirit thats relentless It brings the worst of you out and you can't believe you spent this Time of your life so bad so wrong But the past is the past and we all move along But the name of that dude you don't like just won't leave You hear it everywhere around yeah constantly Makes you feel there's a bad side of God lovin everyone equally But God thinks of him just as you as well You can't be a hipocrit and condemn him to hell I feel like a hipocrit cuz it's my words that said it It's just my struggle with God, it's my demon i fed it I WISH THE PAST STAYED THE PAST AND NAMES COULD BE FORGOTTEN THROW EM AWAY CUZ IT AIN'T NOTHIN BUT ROTTEN LOOK AT HOW FAR THIS SIN HAS GOTTEN I WISH THE PAST STAYED THE PAST AND NAMES COULD BE PAST STAYED THE PAST AND NAMES COULD BE FORGOTTEN THROW EM AWAY CUZ IT AIN'T NOTHIN BUT ROTTEN LOOK AT HOW FAR THIS SIN HAS GOTTEN I WISH THE PAST STAYED THE PAST AND NAMES COULD BE FORGOTTEN I wish I was like Jesus in my ways of forgivin Cuz I ain't nothin but trash in this life that I'm livin Yes, I forgive my enemy but I just can't forget If mercy is some water then Lord get me wet I feel like an idiot the way my words they stumble Don't even know what to say and that results in a mumble Preachin the Word it's easy, following it is different You gotta practice what you preach and Lord God is it different I force myself to forget the people that I've forgivin In hopes of never rememberin why I wish they weren't livin Truth be told, I'm scared that if I think of em again God might tell me to go up to em and talk to em again After all I said it, with God we all win Now my past it haunts me, again and again CHORUS (Repeat until end) ONE LAST CHANCE One last breath, one last chance to scream before the world you built crumbles right at your feet Cracks like lightning sent through the earth It's funny how your mind is now In comparison to what your eyes see, wow It's moving faster than a bullet Satan sees your faith and he'll try to pull it Now you're falling into these pits of disgust Will you cry outta fear or will you cry outta trust in Him? To save you, save you from yourself CHORUS Now listen to my words, I don't mean to deride you But you needa take your pride inside put it beside you Like its a juxtapose My words, they don't even come close To the words of God cuz they'll do more than budge you Remember only God can judge you And yet you still fall into these pits of disgust will you cry outta fear or will you cry outta trust? Cuz the pain, you almost don't even notice The scars are invisible you can't even show it I'm feelin this, can you believe? That Heaven is a goal you really can achieve Still your falling into these pits of disgust Will you cry outta fear or will you cry outta trust in Him? To save you, save you from yourself One solid breath, one last chance to scream before the world you built crumbles under you with cracks sent like lightning through the earth Everything takes a few seconds but it seems to slow down You find yourself remembering faces of loved ones and all you've done wrong It's funny how your mind is now in comparison to what your eyes see it's moving faster than a bullet Now falling into the pit of your own self-worth and disgust, do you cry out out of fear for your life or do you cry out to God out of compassion and love and trust in Him to save you? Save you from yourself CHORUS (Repeat until end)
For fans of:Linkin Park, Lecrae, Thousand Foot Krutch, Josh Garrels, Propaganda
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