Fuzzy Logic

Santa Barbara
For fans of:Bob Marley, Mykal Rose, Twinkle Brothers, Damian Marley, Pato Banton

Blazing like wildfire out of California, Dooby "Fuzzy Logic" is a Singjay first and foremost. Singjays combine the contemporary toasting, or "DJ" vocal style, and straight singing. On stage, his energetic, visually engaging performance complements the high voltage music rolling out like a storm behind him. Fuzzy Logic captivates any audience with a unique blend of original, yet culturally traditional roots-rock, dub, rock-steady and dancehall reggae music.

Fuzzy Logic is currently finishing the long awaited debut EP: "TUNE IN." It runs the gamut of lyrical fire, from a love song like "Morning Light" to an homage: "Voice of Jah," featuring Grammy Nominee Pato Banton (with whom Logic's performed). Also featured are thanks to those who've helped the Artist over the years, and a poetic call for people to stay ready for learning - keep the lamp of faith burning - and stop "Chasing di Wind." Some of the artists Dooby has shared the stage with include Mykal Rose, Junior Reid, Yellowman, and the Twinkle Brothers.

The mission behind the music holds a message to every human being to "release your shackles and feed your mind, body and spirit the ITAL necessities of positivity, happiness and love." As Bob Marley said: "Wake up and Live!"

Fuzzy Logic is a consciousness of infinite truth in a world of uncertainty...we find logic in what is fuzzy. I believe man can see clarity rather than blurriness and tune out negativity by seeking a higher moral ground. The voice of the Most High speaks to all who have ears to hear it!" Watch for more and good things from Fuzzy Logic.