For fans of:The Strokes, Whitney, Wilco

Originally hailing from the south shore Long Island town of Massapequa, Gamblers have made New York City their homebase but they may as well be coming from another world. Growing up in the land of the Baldwin brothers, John Gotti Jr. and the Amityville Horror does something to your perspective in a way that never quite leaves you. The band’s upcoming full-length Small World reflects that odd sense of distance one develops from being in a place that’s so close yet so far, so undeniably locked in the gravitational pull of the center of the universe, only with a language and lore all its own.With one ear to the pulse of Long Island's debris-strewn cultural landscape and the other focused finding the right words for heady meditations on the human condition, McManus tucks his often cutting insights into deceptively simple and innocuous-sounding wordplay. The band’s sunny hooks may evoke The Beach Boys, but much darker things tend to wash up on the south shore. Small World harbors some of those things, even in its brightest moments as addiction, stress, despair, corruption and violence lurk in the shadows between the lines.