For fans of:Of Montreal, OK GO, Weezer, MGMT, Yeasayer
Here is Nashville, TN based indie-pop rock band, Heypenny's new record, Tendre. What is Tendre??? Tendre is a contronym or an auto-antonym -- that is, it is a word that is it's own opposite (like the English word "cleave", which can mean "to separate" and "to put together"). When "tendre" is used as a verb, it means "to tighten" or "to make taut". However, as an adjective it means "soft" or "delicate". Tendre is a collection of songs that have been enduring Heypenny's frantic rhythms and pulsating beats in order to join together and show their quieter, calmer side. They were gathered from the woods, other towns, other albums and the imagination. Some quite old, some quite new. Some asked violins and double bass to come along, some were just solitary ventures. We have now released these songs into the world for FREE for all to enjoy. Please listen, love and feel free to pass along. See you on tour. Kisses, Ben, Aaron, DJ and Zach