Ivan and Alyosha

For fans of:Dawes, Lord Huron, Brandi Carlile

Ivan & Alyosha's trailer and gear were stolen in Atlanta, GA about a week ago. The band is offering up their critically acclaimed new album, All The Times We Had, for free for one week, and are asking fans to donate/tip to support them in their efforts to reclaim gear and continue forward. They have also launched a pledge music campagin: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/ivanandalyoshavan

Here is a note from the band and list of gear stolen.


Unfortunately, our trailer was stolen in Atlanta yesterday, along with all of our gear. On the bright side, we’ve been overwhelmed with love and support from fans and friends. You guys have helped turn a really crappy situation into something positive, and we’re extremely grateful and thankful!

We put together a list of our stolen gear to share around (visit www.ivanandalyosha.com to see). If you’re in the atlanta area and can stop by any of these pawn shops (http://bit.ly/13CrU6H) to see if you catch a glimpse of any of our gear, we’d be so grateful. If you could all keep your eyes peeled on ebay, craigs list, etc that’d be great too.

Thank you for all the love and offers to help, you have all been so amazing!