Jetty Rae

For fans of:Priscilla Ahn, Brandi Carlile, Joseph, Jillian Edwards, Ingrid Michaelson

Living minimally is second nature to Jetty Rae and her family. After traveling thousands of miles on backroads and byways, Rae heeded the call for a life unconventional. Taking a leap deep faith she let go of most of what she owned and took up residence in a vintage ‘79 Airstream. Her tribe in tow, (husband, 2 children and pug), their new permanent address is a silver bullet - the kind you see from time to time being towed down the interstate. Jetty’s new untethered lifestyle is the ultimate expression of both her artistic and personal freedom. “I inherited my nomadic nature from my Grandmother, the original Jetty Rae” she explains. “Her love of the open road and wanderlust spirit exemplifies who I am today. I love the idea of being rich in adventure vs. being rich in stuff and things.”

“I hope that when people hear my songs they hear their own stories being told back to them. As a songwriter I want to help people understand themselves on a new level and think – that is exactly what I’ve been trying to articulate for myself.” Rae says. “These songs are for the down and outers, the lost and hopeless, for the longing the troubled. There is hope, and it’s in connection. We will connect, you and I, through these songs.”