Kevin Singer

This Being of Beauty

This Being of Beauty by Kevin Singer
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For fans of:Fiction Family, Weezer, Sufjan Stevens
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  1. You Will Still Remain
  2. February
  3. The King of Israel
  4. Why You Are The Way You Are
  5. You Are Risen
  6. Break the Silence
  7. Ancient of Days
  8. Brave
  9. Trouble
  10. The Place of My Heart
  11. Morning Will Come
  12. Where You Go
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As a sophomore in college at Northern Illinois University in 2007, I wrote and recorded an EP entitled "The Beauty of Being This". I wrote these songs at a time in my life when I was self-absorbed and searching restlessly for identity. I gloried in my egoism and saw no real problem with my reckless behavior in relationships. Within six months after completing that EP, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and helped me to understand the logic, the depths, and the impact of my brokenness. I had a misplaced center. I looked to human relationships to give my life meaning. I saw my worth in reference to them - my hold over them, and my incessant tendency to be manipulative and self-serving. Jesus revealed that it was only through knowing him and submitting to him that I would be cured from this tendency, and find the freedom to give and not just take; the freedom to love and to be loved; the freedom to forgive and to be forgiven.

Since then, I have journeyed through highs and lows as I navigate life in Christ. I have found that much of the struggle comes down to whether the "beauty" of life should be attributed centrally to these highs and lows (and whatever might come of them), or the "being" which remains and gives never-ending grace despite them. Hence the title of that EP from 2007 being reversed from "The Beauty of Being This", to the title of this LP in 2015, "This Being of Beauty". I have found that it is only when I consider and reflect on the objectivity of Jesus' love and claim over me that I can make any sense of "this"...that is, the inconsistencies of my own thoughts and behavior.

This album is dedicated to my Dad who passed away suddenly on February 18th, 2013 while vacationing in Hollywood, FL. In 2008, as a Christmas gift, I wrote a 30-day devotional of sorts for him. On the dedication page, I wrote, "To Dad: though not to your knowledge, you are the strongest example of Jesus in my life." This was true until the end. I love and miss you Dad.


Recorded Summer 2014-March 2015 using Mbox and Audacity software.

All songs written by Kevin Singer.

Drums and Ukulele by Jonah Wright.

For fans of:Fiction Family, Weezer, Sufjan Stevens
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