Mercy Child

For fans of:The Civil Wars, Nickel Creek, The Lumineers, The Vespers, Alison Krauss

Mercy Child is the long-time-coming collaboration of three close friends, Erika Chambers, Kyle Aaron and Madeline Lewis. The three had worked on musical projects both together and separately for several years, but after performing at a birthday party in 2012, they decided they were stronger together than apart. Their music is characterized by tight, three-part harmonies, Chambers' and Lewis' emotive vocals and vibrant lyrical imagery, and Aaron's spine-tingling fiddle and mandolin solos. Mercy Child's debut video, "Closer" premiered in August 2013 to a standing-room-only crowd in Nashville. It is now available to watch on youtube (and on this page) and and the single is available for purchase on bandcamp (check store links). Mercy Child's debut EP can be expected in the Spring of 2014.