Rare of Breed

For fans of:Bizzle, Andy Mineo, Lecrae

North Carolina based artist, Rare of Breed, spent most of his earlychildhood in homeless shelters and on the streets. Due to his living conditions, he was placed in foster care at the age of 7. Already having seen so much, he had built up a lot of frustration. He grew to love rap music and poetry, which provided him an outlet to express himself.

It wasn’t until his teen years that it all turned upside down. He started using and selling drugs, committing crimes, and chasing the “dream” that he heard rappers talk about constantly. It eventually landed him in jail with 9 felonies at the age of 18. With nowhere to turn, he hit his knees and God opened the door. He made bail, but struggled for 3 years running from the Lord and full of pride.

Then, on Sept. 4th, 2011 he walked into a church with his now wife, and asked Jesus to be the Lord of his life. His transformation was so powerful, and the change was so evident, that his family members began to follow.

With a new-found life, Rare began to write music again. However, this time it wasn’t about the chains that once held him captive. It was about the One who broke those chains and set him free, Jesus Christ. Since then he has traveled and ministered anywhere a door is open. He has released three projects, “This Road”, “One”, & recently “Under Construction” (Sept. 4th, 2016), all of which have gotten great reviews and been featured on multiple radio and internet outlets.

“I just want to share my testimony and display God’s grace in my life. The best way I can do that is with the gift God gave me.”

- Rare of Breed