Robbie Seay Band

For fans of:David Crowder Band, John Mark McMillan, Phil Wickham, Gungor, Sandra McCracken
Robbie Seay is from Houston,TX. He is hoping to appear that someone else is writing this bio so please excuse his insistence on writing in third person. RSB has been a band for over a decade, spending most of those years with EMI Music. 2012 marked the release of their independent project "Rich & Poor". Robbie loves his family. He loves Tex-Mex. He loves God. And he writes about all of these on the new album (okay, maybe no Tex-Mex songs..but the rest is true). RSB is extremely proud of the record "Rich & Poor" and very grateful to have made a career, 12 years so far, writing and recording music. Robbie hopes you enjoy the music and it means something to you.