For fans of:Kevin Saunderson, Weather Report, Marvin Gaye, The Cinematic Orchestra, Jean-Michel Jarre

Soulful Abstraction music formula is mixing dance, jazz, abstract and soul music, which they call; "Abstract Soul" music. This musical assembly features the abstract soul artist and Detroit native; Greg Dunnigan, who produced; LSD and Roland Dre' "Detroit Never Die" and their popular song "Party Hard" Soulful Abstraction is an artist with "The Orchard ®" a music distribution company wholly owned by Sony Music Entertainment and based in New York City and was featured on Insomnia Radio-Detroit plus has a Billboard Songwriter's Award.

Soulful Abstraction largest fan base comes from the United Kingdom. Soulful abstraction says it is largest there due to every king need a kingdom (Jokingly). With their electronic music sound, Soulful Abstraction used the popularity venue of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival to sell his music over seas. 2017 Soulful Abstraction formulates a remix, using the Motown Sound and Music legend Marvin Gaye's hit "What's Going On" as a tribute.

"This project is dedicated to you, So that you will REMEMBER: "That, only LOVE is the conqueror of hate! Peace be to us all; -Soulful Abstraction