Stephen Antony Beasley

For fans of:Lenny Kravitz, Blues Traveler, India Arie, John Legend, Lauryn Hill

I am Stephen Antony Beasley, and I have collaborated with music-men who are also carpenters, real estate agents, and just genuinely brilliant-big-hearted dudes. Ben Altman, Chris Conly, David Andrew Moore, Devin Kain, Mark Rucker, Karsten Nelson, Steven Mann, Ryan MacDougall, Michael Beckett, Owen Williams and RUCKUS. Thank you for each of your unique contributions to my life, and the lives of others through this music-

These collaborations began in Brooklyn, reached upward to Toronto, and back to my roots... in Louisville, and in Atlanta.

Some collaborations produced music that has been released (most under the moniker: The stephen beasley Project) and even seen and heard in TV and Film. Some collaborations were only gigs that affected my musical spirit in an impactful way.

4 things about This Music:

1. This Music tells the story of a Man Growing Up in New York City through his 20s and 30s.

2. This Music was birthed on subway cars, in empty apartments, or while pennilessly browsing flea markets, craft fairs, pop-up shops, grocery stores and even couture boutiques. This music was also composed during graduate school classes, and in offices too.. usually on Tuesday afternoon.

3. This music speaks to the way I connect Love with Dysfunction. If you listen closely ... it also displays my Love for a living God who practices Tough Love on me, everyday.

...Probably because I'm kind of a Bitchy Dude...

4. This music contains a plea to:

"Love our Fellow man, Live Forgive and Comprehend...

To Love ourselves or try to.. to make -New Golden Rules-

...which is the title of one of my very favorite songs to share!

Listen, Ask Me Questions, and find space to Love and Enjoy this Music.